Top 5 Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier – (2021 Reviews Updated)

Last week I opened my safe and found an unpleasant thing – rust on the gun. It immediately became clear that I urgently needed a Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier! Communicating with the professionals who keep weapons at home, I was able to identify the TOP 5 best gun safe dehumidifiers.

In this article, I will share this valuable information with you. Rest assured these dehumidifiers will keep moisture out of your safe!

If you are a gun owner and have invested in safes, it is important to find the best dehumidifiers. A gun can develop rust if it is exposed to humidity for a long time. Failure to inspect the humidity levels in your safe can lead to irreparable damage to your firearms.

Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier

  1. Eva-Dry E-333 Renewable Mini-Dehumidifier
  2. hOmeLabs Compact Dehumidifier
  3. GoldenRod 24″ Dehumidifier Rod
  4. Pro Breeze Renewable Cordless Mini Dehumidifier
  5. LOCKDOWN Dehumidifier Rod

It is important to get a dehumidifier to protect your gun, ammo, and other accessories from corrosion. We have compiled reviews of the top gun safe dehumidifiers and some helpful information to help you choose the right model.

Top 5 Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

1. Eva-Dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

Eva-Dry is the first model we looked at in our search to find the best dehumidifier for gun safe. The Eva-Dry E33’s silica gel beads can reduce humidity in gun safes while also reducing your carbon footprint. These safe dehumidifiers can capture liquid up to eight weeks. Once it is full, the unit can be plugged in to a ventilated place to recharge.

The product’s renewable silica gel technology makes it completely silent, unlike other units that need electricity or batteries. The E-333 doesn’t require a plug-in power source. The E-333 is smaller than other dehumidifiers and can fit into small spaces. It is very easy to use and doesn’t need electricity or batteries to dry the safes. It doesn’t need a water tank.

These small, wireless dehumidifiers can be carried around in a car radio’s trunk. The product works by absorption. The silica gel in the unit absorbs and draws moisture through its plastic front grill. When saturated, the gel in these safes turns from blue to pink. To “recharge” the unit, plug it in. The heat of the electric unit will dry out the silica gel and allow you to use it again.

These dehumidifiers can remove moisture up to 4 to 6 ounces. The manufacturer states that the E-333 safes can reach their capacity in 2-4 weeks depending on how the unit is used. In warmer and more humid conditions, it will reach its maximum capacity faster. This dehumidifier protects your ammunition against rust and drys approximately 333 cubic feet

This product is best suited for mild moisture conditions and small spaces, such as gun safes. The E-333 is an affordable solution for mild moisture problems, costing only $20

  • Good for safes and other small, enclosed spaces
  • Protects up to 333 cubic feet from moisture
  • Operates with power or batteries
  • Silica gel beads last up to 10 years
  • Five-year warranty
  • Low capacity and performance
  • Takes up to 12 hours to recharge this product

2. hOmeLabs Compact Dehumidifier

We chose the hOmeLabs compact dehumidifier as our favourite out of all the available options. It is a trusted brand and we believe it is the best dehumidifier to keep humidity low, prevent mold, mildew and allergens, especially on long road trips.

These hOmeLabs dehumidifiers are perfect for gun safes, with its small build and ability to extract 250 ml of moisture in a day. This mini gun safe dehumidifier product has a 500ml tank. It can take up to a few days to fill it depending on the safe’s conditions. The removable tank makes it easy to dispose of water at the curbside or in the sink.

These dehumidifiers remove moisture from rooms up to 150 cubic feet, perfect the size to keep your safe nice and dry. You can even take it with you when you aren’t traveling to enjoy the safe dehumidifiers benefits. The indicator light lets you know when it’s time to empty the tank.

The maintenance of this desiccant dehumidifier is very simple. You should clean your dehumidifier at least once a week to ensure it runs at its best. It’s not difficult as it only involves wiping down the surface to remove any dust, and using a soft-bristled toothbrush for dirt removal.

  • Function to automatically shut off
  • Tank full indicator light alerts you
  • Up to 150 cubic feet can be dehumidified
  • Large tank capacity allows for up to 2 days of operation without needing to drain
  • 110V power supply with 2 flat pin plugs (9V/2.5A).
  • Peltier technology allows quiet operation
  • It is compact and easy to move the safe from one room to another.
  • This safe works slowly
  • Ideal larger areas are not suitable
  • You can’t keep up with an environment that is growing in moisture

3. GoldenRod 24″ Dehumidifier Rod

The brand of this dehumidifier is the most reliable and oldest in the business. It is a heated rod, which is perfect for safe use. The GoldenRod is one of few products with a lifetime warranty. It is silent, maintenance-free, and has no moving parts. This will help to keep your valuable dry.

The dehumidifiers from GoldenRod are intended to reduce moisture levels by heating the air. This reduces condensation water vapor in your gun safe and prevents damage to the contents. This unit’s vermiculite mineral ensures even heat distribution throughout its rod, which is essential for its effectiveness.

The maximum temperature for this electric dehumidifier is just below 150°F/65°C. It’s not as hot or as hot as an oven. However, it can be uncomfortable to use with your naked hands, and not hot enough not to ignite any household materials, including paper. 

Mount the dehumidifier on the floor of a container like a gun safe. The warm air rises to the top, while cooler air circulates, preventing condensation.

A 24-inch model covers approximately 333 cubic feet. Mounting brackets are included with every purchase. The manufacturer recommends that the unit be mounted horizontally to get the maximum effect. You can also adjust the length of your cord to make it more difficult to catch on things.

A heated rod model such as GoldenRod can be a cost-effective way to protect your firearms. You can adjust the relative humidity of a safe to around 40 to 50% to keep your guns dry. It is not difficult to see the energy savings.

  • These products don’t ever overheat
  • Services a larger area, up to 300 square feet
  • Silent operation while removing moisture in the air
  • Low energy use
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The legs which support the rod are not sturdy
  • Heats up almost as warm as an oven, making it uncomfortable to carry
  • Needs to be plugged in

4. __S.53__ Electric dehumidifier

The Pro Breeze cordless safe dehumidifier is very similar to the Eva Dry model, from having the same basic shape and design as well as the silica gel material for absorbing moisture.

These compact gun safe dehumidifiers can cover up to 333 cubic feet. This product is great for protecting your accessories by removing moisture from jewelry boxes, closets, and cabinets. It protects safes, gym bags, drawers and bookcases. 

The beads are made from orange silica gel beads, which gradually turn green as they get full. The unit’s status is indicated by a small window at the front.

The dehumidifier can hold up to 150ml of moisture and lasts for between 2 and 4 weeks depending on the conditions. When the device has been fully charged, the gel will turn bright orange. The unit does not automatically shut off and may burst if left unattended.

It is also sturdy and small in size. It is best suited for small spaces that have poor ventilation.

This unit prevents mold, mildew and wood rot. It is ideal for keeping your home safe. For cordless operation, the unit has a 110V AC power connector built in to its back. The gel is safe for use. The gel is non-toxic and will not cause any spillage.

There are no bulky cables to worry over unlike an electric dehumidifier. To recharge, simply plug in to an electric outlet and warm up. Although the manufacturer claims that it takes between 8-10 hours to recharge, some users claim that it can take up to two days for gel to fully dry.

  • Very easy to use
  • Color-changing indicator when a recharge is needed
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Pet and child-friendly
  • Cordless
  • Economical
  • Easy-viewing window
  • No warranty mentioned for these products
  • Beads may leak when overcharged
  • Needs an electrical outlet for recharging
  • This product takes a long time to recharge

5. LOCKDOWN Dehumidifier Rod

The desiccant heating element can be attached to your safe to increase the temperature to a safe level. The rod of a dehumidifier increases and stabilizes the air inside any safe. Mounted at a low location in the safe, it will radiate heat throughout the vault interior.

Its quick-plug attachment makes it easy to install the LockDown electric humidifier rod. If your gun safes do not have power hook-up, you will need to drill a hole in order to run the cable. The rod clips to the mounting brackets very easily. These are secured to the safe’s interior by self-adhesive Velcro. You can also attach it to your safe’s bottom with the included mounting bracket.

The safe dehumidifier product must be connected to an electrical outlet. Once plugged in, the rod emits enough heat that the safe’s interior will reach a temperature of five degrees above the outside air. This prevents condensation from forming. This dehumidifier protects your ammunition against rust and drys approximately 100 cubic feet. This dehumidifier can remove moisture from safes holding 18 to 36 guns.

The rods of these electric dehumidifiers are constructed out of durable extruded aluminum and include one year of warranty.

  • Product is easy to install
  • Available in 12-inch and 18-inch models
  • Takes up little space in gun safes
  • Can control the moisture level up to 120 degrees fahrenheit
  • Services a smaller area, only up to 100 cubic feet
  • Desiccant operation naturally removes water from the air
  • Quick plu attatchment
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Cheaper than other alternatives
  • The plug isn’t the sturdiest on this product
  • Electric models require a constant power source

How can too much humidity cause damage?

You might be curious about the damage humidity can cause to your safe, guns, and accessories. Although it’s not dangerous for safety and health, there are some things you should be aware of when searching for the best gun safe dehumidifier.

Consider that most people don’t open their gun safe doors often, which makes moisture problems difficult to spot. But, excessive moisture in a gun safe can lead to a variety of problems.

  • Ammo damage. High humidity can affect the performance of bullets. If moisture levels are too high, ammo will be the first to be damaged.
  • Growth of mold. Mold can form in your gun safe if there is too much moisture or dampness. Mold can be more easily found on foam-coated parts that attach to the safe’s interior. Mold buildup can be cleaned up, but it is best to avoid it.
  • Rust buildup on guns. Humidity levels too high can cause rust problems in even the toughest guns. Moisture levels left unchecked can cause damage to both the gun’s function and appearance.
  • Rusty safe. Rust can cause long-term damage to gun safes. Rust can slowly consume metal over many months or years, before you even notice it.
  • Damage to other items inside the safe: High humidity levels or too much moisture can cause damage to other items, such as documents, jewelry and money. These valuables can be more susceptible than firearms in many cases.

The Different Types Of Gun Vault Dehumidifiers

Silica Gel

Silica gel is the most common type of dehumidifier for gun safe.  Silica gel is also used in packaging to prevent moisture from entering the product. It is a desiccant material that naturally removes water and air from it.

Because they don’t require electricity to operate, you can place a silica Gel Dehumidifier in a safe. 

The beads will change in color as they absorb moisture.

 The beads will change completely in color once they are dry. After that, you can plug the unit back in to renew them. You can then continue the cycle and put the device back into the safe.

These units can last years even if they are renewed every few weeks. The humidity of the safe will determine how often you need to recharge the silica gel.

Although they won’t cause much damage in large rooms, the gel can remove moisture from small spaces like a safe. The color of the beads can give you an idea of how humid it is.

Rod Models

Rod-type gun safe humidifiers are electric units that heat the air just enough to allow the safe’s interior to be a little warmer than the outside temperature. This allows the safe to circulate air and keeps moisture away.

A stick dehumidifier is another effective way to dehumidify a small area. They protect your guns from moisture inside the safe. They are quiet and require no recharging. To work, they must be plugged in to an electrical outlet.

This type is preferred by some people because it’s low-maintenance. Some prefer the cordless silica jelly method. Both methods are both effective and affordable.

It all comes down to personal preference and taste. You don’t have to use them both at once.

What else can be done to keep humidity levels low?

Your gun can be kept clean and free from condensation with dehumidifiers. While dehumidification is an important step, you should also consider the following precautions to protect your gun and ammo:

Keep the gun safe dry and cool.

It is important to ensure that your gun safe doesn’t get too much heat, moisture in the air or both. Although it is not uncommon to have a gun safe installed in the basement of a home, make sure your basement does not suffer from dampness. And if you feel dampness, then you urgently need a dehumidifier for gun safe.

Keep checking in regularly.

It is possible that you will not notice the humidity levels in your gun safe increasing. This can be avoided by regularly checking your safe.

Get a fan.

To keep the air cool and fresh, place a fan next to the safe if the humidity rises. This is temporary and will not solve the humidity problem.

Place desiccant silica gel packs inside.

This is the best water absorber for your gun safe. These packs look like new shoes. The outside of these packs usually says “do not consume”. These silica gel packets are made from the same material as a desiccant humidifier. Silica beads are great for keeping moisture levels low in small enclosed areas such as inside a gun safe. Silica gel can cause serious health problems if it is eaten by pets or children.

Use charcoal or baking soda.

Place them inside the safe in an open container.These desiccants are trusted by many people to absorb water in all situations. They must be replaced regularly because they are not recyclable.recharged like a desiccant dehumidifier.

Keep your guns safe from rusting.

Sprays and creams are two options to prevent your guns from rusting. It is important to take good care of your guns and allow them to dry out. This will prevent them from rusting.

Low humidity levels should not be allowed to dry out your ammunition. Ideal storage conditions are at 50% humidity. It is important to constantly assess the climate in which your gun safe is located, as humidity levels can change with the weather.

A Gun Safe Dehumidifier: The Advantages

These points highlight how vital moisture levels are for your gun safe. A dehumidifier is a good option if you want to make sure that the humidity levels are correct.

These are just a few of the many benefits of gun safe dehumidifiers.

The best solution.

A rod or silica gel dehumidifier is the best choice to control the humidity in your gun safe. Although other methods are possible, a dehumidifier designed specifically for gun safes or small spaces is the best. The best dehumidifier for gun to handle any humidity level.

No effort involved.

You will need to put in a lot of effort when using materials such as charcoal and baking soda. A gun safe dehumidifier doesn’t require you to worry at all. You only need to charge your device once every two weeks or three months for most dehumidifiers.

Not expensive.

Dehumidifiers are not expensive and can be used to help you save money over the long-term. Many desiccant humidifiers don’t require electricity or batteries to operate.

Very portable.

Most safe dehumidifiers can be moved around easily and are very small. It’s easy to disassemble and mount the dehumidifier again if you need it.


Many best gun safe dehumidifiers can provide years of trouble-free service. As your firearms will be safe and sound, you can rest assured that they are secure.

What place should we keep a gun safe with a dehumidifier?

Gun owners are concerned about where their guns will be kept. It is important that the gun safe be located in a location where other members of the household have restricted access. The safe should have a strong locking mechanism. Best gun safe dehumidifiers are best kept in the bedroom.
They should be bolted to the floor so they cannot be moved in case of theft. It should be kept out of reach of children, thieves and other wrongdoers. You should not underestimate the possibility of an accident.
The safe should be kept away from fire, electricity, water and air. You should also avoid the living room, kitchen, and balcony areas as safe places to store them. Make sure that the gun safe in your bedroom has a lock, passcode or digital system. You must ensure that no one has access to them.

What size rod should I use to dehumidify?

The area you want to cover will determine the size of your dehumidifier rod. Every rod has a different performance. The larger the coverage, the longer the rod. It all depends on the climate of the area you live in. High humidity can cause problems in other areas of your house, which will also affect the gun safe.

Is it OK to keep a gun safe in the garage?

Gun safes should not be kept in a garage. There are a few reasons why this is so. Many tools kept in garages contain flammable chemicals and fuel. You could lose your guns if there is a fire. Garages are usually separated from the rest the house, if not in a separate building, behind closed doors. Garages are often easier to access and can contain expensive equipment that can be easily sold for cash. 
These are the reasons why thieves target garages. It is possible to store your ammunition and gun in a gun safe in your garage.

What are some other important gun-safe accessories?

Gun safe owners should have certain accessories. We believe that the gun safe dehumidifier is the most important accessory. There are other accessories you might be interested in:
Gun safe lights inside safes are very important because they allow you to see inside the safe even in dark conditions. These lights are mounted inside the safe and shine onto the floor. Some models have an adjustable angle that allows you to aim it where you need it in your safe.
Gun safe key lock boxes are a great addition to any gun safe. They allow you to store your keys where they can be found easily, yet still secure. A key lock box can also be used to protect your keys from your spouse, children, and anyone else who might have access to your gun safe. While some safes use a combination lock or a digital keypad, others use a digital one. Biometric locks that recognize fingerprints are available for those who want extra security.
The gun safe fan circulates the air inside your small gun safe. This is important as the safe’s air can become stale. If you have a long history with guns, you will know that stale air has a bad odour. You might want to avoid storing your gun in a safe that smells bad.

What humidity is territory for guns?

cks can be affected if the relative humidity (RH) is lower than 20%, according to the National Rifle Association. Guns and ammunition can also be damaged by corrosion that exceeds 50% of the RH.

Last words:

This concludes the article. We hope you found this information useful and that it helps you settle on the best dehumidifier option for your home or office. You can choose from the desiccant silica beads or an electrical dehumidifier rod. The best option will provide maximum protection against corrosion and rust for your firearms. 

We would love to know what gun safe you have and which best gun safe dehumidifiers you use. 

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