Hey! My name is Adam Williams and I run Air-Water-Purifiers.

As a longtime nose and sinus sufferer, I have learned a lot over the years about maintaining good air quality, and on Air-Water-Purifiers.com I share everything I’ve learned in that time and what I’m learning along the way.

Helps you breathe better, and I hope this blog helps you improve air quality wherever you are.

Like many modern parents, I care about the health of my child and my own. I drink purified water, read the composition of the products that I buy. And I am seriously concerned about the ecological situation where I live.

Over the past decades, the air of a modern city has changed so much that it began to pose a threat to human health. Industrial and domestic wastewater, solid waste, transport, air emissions. All this changes the environment for the worse and affects our health.

The statistics are scary: the main causes of death over the past 15 years have been coronary artery disease and stroke, lower respiratory tract infections, chronic and oncological lung diseases. After such data, you begin to think about what you are inhaling.

In my blog you will find a lot of valuable information about air purification, as well as its humidity level.
I have been collecting this data for over 2 years and finally decided to share it with you.
I wish you good mood, easy reading and clean air in the world !!!